CRIME: Ban on ‘Zombie knives’ knives come into force this week

A ban on the sale of “zombie knives” is set to come into force in England and Wales on Thursday (August 18).

Inspired by horror films, the curved blades with serrated edges are often sold as collector’s items, but police say they are increasingly being carried by criminals.

The blades, which can be up to 2ft long with a serrated edge and carry images or words that glamorise violence, can be purchased online for as little as £10.

Banned: A police officer holds two types of “zombie knives” which are now illegal to sell

A government crackdown on the lethal weapons comes in the form of an amendment to the Criminal Justice Act 1988 prohibiting the sale, manufacture, rental or importation of the blades.

Those caught making or selling the items will now face up to four years in prison.

In February, Gulsen Alkan started a petition on Change.org signed by over 54,000 people. She is calling for a review on how knives are displayed in shops after her husband Justin was killed after being stabbed apparently at random by someone while he was in Poundland buying balloons for their children.

Writing on her petition, Gulsen said: “Some shops lock knives in cases but many do not. I think all shops should put knives in locked cases behind the counter, or in secure packaging, so they cannot easily be taken and used.”

Theresa May, when she was Home Secretary announced that retailers, Tesco, Lidl UK, Amazon UK, Wilko, Argos, Morrisons, Asda, Poundland, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and Waitrose would ensure knives are packaged securely, staff are trained on approving knife sales and apply age verification procedures before sales.

Killed: Justin was stabbed while in Poundland by a knife that was on display for sale Killed: Justin was stabbed while in Poundland by a knife that was on display for sale

Safeguarding minister Sarah Newton said: “This government will act wherever necessary to cut crime and keep our communities safe.

“Zombie killer knives glamorise violence and cause devastating damage – they have no place whatsoever in our society.”

Alf Hitchcock, lead on knife crime at the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said: “Zombie knives are absolutely horrific weapons.

“Forces are determined to reduce the harm caused by these and all other dangerous weapons.”

For more information about this petition click here or email press.uk@change.org.

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August 15, 2016 12:26 pm