A few ways to make a change on World Mental Health Day

1 in 4 of us suffer with mental health problems. So if it’s not you, you’re likely to know someone who does. And according to the World Health Organisation, this is only going to get worse. If urgent action isn’t taken, depression will be the biggest global illness by 2030.

From calling for better mental health care for young people, to changes in the school curriculum, to promoting a healthy body image, people have been coming together on  to campaign around mental health. Today is World Mental Health Day so here are three things you can do on to help: 

Tara’s teenage daughter Rachael suffers from severe depression. It means she needs round the clock care in a mental health facility. But because the support isn’t provided in Rachael’s home city of Lancashire, she has to live 153 miles from home without her family and friends. Sign Tara’s petition to get care for Rachael closer to home. 

As a model Rosie sees first hand the impact the industry has on people’s body image and mental health. She’s campaigning for the fashion industry to use healthier models. Her campaign has been covered across national media and she has taken her petition to Parliament. Join Rosie’s campaign here.

When teacher Laura had a “mental breakdown”, she realised just how difficult it was to talk about. When she recovered she decided to do something about this and started the “It Affects Me” campaign, calling for mental health education in schools so that young people are taught how to deal with their mental health. She says “we teach our children symptoms of chlamydia and gonorrhoea so why not depression, OCD and anxiety?” Since starting her campaign Laura has had the backing of MPs, celebrities and over 60,000 users. Join them here. 

Note: If you or someone you know needs mental health support there are many services and organisations you can speak to. Click here for more information.

Written by
Kajal Odedra
October 10, 2016 4:56 pm