5 Top Tips to Campaign on the Brexit Issues that Matter to You

Whether you voted to leave or remain, Theresa May’s triggering of Article 50, and kicking off the Brexit process, will be the most important political event of the year.

Because thousands of our laws are wrapped up in Europe. Brexit may mean creating new laws for almost every aspect of our daily lives – from the safety of the toys children play with to the price of the vegetables you’re buying to your right to live, study and work in other countries.

You may feel frustrated about the politicians and media dominating the debate and wonder what, if anything, you can do. We want to help break down those barriers in politics and make sure you are all heard – because decisions made in the next two years will affect the rest of our lives.

Have you got an issue you want to speak up about? Use our top tips to campaign on the Brexit issue you care about:

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Petitions that tell the personal stories behind the campaign get more signatures because they’re easier to relate to – how is your experience linked to Brexit? Introduce yourself and tell people why the petition you have started matters to you.

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Say clearly what your petition is asking for (simpler the better, but make sure it’s a tangible ask). Address the petition to an individual or organisation that has the power to make the change you want. Go straight to the Brexit ministers or the government department responsible for the issue. Adding their contact information in the petition will mean they can reply directly to you and your signers.

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Use Twitter and Facebook to get your petition out there. Think about other groups that might support your cause and ask them to share your petition. You don’t have to do this alone — build a community of people who can help you make the change you want to see.

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It’s important to let everyone who signed your petition know what’s going on. Send them regular updates using the ‘update’ button on Ask your signers to take actions to help the campaign – it doesn’t have to always be online, organise meetings to give your supporters a chance to meet in person.

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Go to to start your petition.

13 million of you use in the UK and we see the impact of this every day. We see petitions growing, media reporting your stories and politicians quoting your campaigns. 

So whatever you care about you can campaign for change and win using, to make sure it’s not just the people at the top who have all the say. Everyone should feel empowered to influence the matters that affect their daily lives. 

What are the biggest Brexit issues for you? Come and share your thoughts on our Facebook page, and share your petition if you’ve started one!

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March 29, 2017 9:09 am