The People Powered Campaigns Fighting for Space in Election Manifestos

These next few days are critical for the campaigns you care about.

The party manifestos for the general election will be officially published any day now.

Manifesto ideas come from everywhere, including the petitions started, signed and supported by people like you.

Getting into the 2015 general election manifestos was pivotal to winning Laura Coryton’s campaign to end the ‘tampon tax’ and to the campaign to create the “Alan Turing Law” to pardon 49,000 gay men who were criminalised under old laws.

From a campaign to create an animal abuse register to the human rights of British citizens imprisoned abroad, some of the biggest petitions on are fighting to win commitments in the manifestos. But they know they can’t win alone, and need your backing to win political support.

Click below to help get these campaigns into party manifestos:


Even after the manifestos are published, parties and candidates will continue adding pledges until the final days of the elections, so there is still time for you to add support to the issues you care about the most.

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Written by
Pascale Frazer-Carroll
May 11, 2017 2:00 pm