Exclusive Facebook Live: Families of People Imprisoned Abroad

Richard, Kamran and Yvonne are all living through a nightmare – one they never thought could happen to their ordinary families.

Richard’s wife, Kamran’s Dad and Yvonne’s partner, have all been imprisoned when traveling abroad. Since then their families have been torn apart. Despite campaigning for years: individually getting hundreds of thousands of signatures, and prompting international outrage, they haven’t been able to bring their loved ones home yet.

This Thursday at 5.45pm these three petition starters are meeting together for the first time during a Facebook Live from the offices, to compare stories, and collectively call on the Government to do more to protect British Citizens who find themselves in need when traveling abroad.

My name is Pascale and I’m a Campaigns Advisor at I have been working with these courageous petition starters, giving them advice on their campaigns. I wanted to invite you to this event.

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Theresa May is yet to publicly call for the release of any one of these three citizens. Richard, Kamran and Yvonne hope that coming together will change that.

They need to get as many viewers as possible to ensure that more people know about what has happened to their families, and to get the attention of the politicians that can make change happen. So, like on Facebook now so you don’t miss the event on Thursday, and remember to watch and share when it starts.

We know that you are loyal supporters who have been following their journeys for months, in some cases years. If you have anything you would like us to tell them on Thursday or questions you would like to ask post them here and we will do our best to read your messages. 


Written by
Pascale Frazer-Carroll
May 30, 2017 3:10 pm